Welcome to the homepage of ELSZI Kft.!

ELSZI Kft. has been engaged for over a quarter of a century with the regulation of moisture content of grains.

It was on the research basis of the Technical Institute (then MGI) in Gödöllő that ELSZI Kft. has started the development of moisture regulators in 1970. The first DNSZ type –patented- regulator had been completed in 1973 for the drying tower of BÁBOLNA B1 type. Then in 1980 –as a result of later development the second generation of the regulators was completed; these devices were installed and distributed under the name Modul DNSZ. We manufactured this type with certain modifications up to 1995. Then we started the development of the MP product group meeting the requirements of the 21st century; the first moisture regulator of this type was given the name of MP-01 and was commissioned in 1998.

For the latest development we utilised the experiences we accumulated during our history of over 30 years, the possibilities offered by the new technology, taking into account the opinions of the customers who have been using DNSZ regulators for many, many years. We had also in mind the need for serviceability and to make it possible for the users to freely install the biggest possible number of variables.

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