Company History

The legal predecessor of ELSZI Elelktro-Szilas Kft has been established in 1970. Its main range of operations was agricultural electronics including the development and manufacture of crop-control monitors, grainloss-meters for combined harvesters, rapid grainmoisture meters, gluten meters, feed-distributing balances, etc.

From the very beginning of its operation, our company established close cooperation with the highly qualified technical staff of the former Mezőgazdasági Gépkisérleti Intézet (MGI= Agricultural Machine Experimental Institute).

Together with them we developed the first unit of the moisture regulators, which was introduced in 1973 under the brand name of DNSZ 8 for the B1-05 dryer produced by Bábolna, which was the most popular type of dryers at the time. Then and ever since, we have been developing the regulator in conformity to changing technical possibilities and growing market demands. The type DNSZ 8 was followed by DNSZ 10 (1975) suited to be used for twice the original number of grain types, then came the DNSZ modul (1980), which because of its modular structure could be installed not only into the Bábolna type drying towers but others as well. The DNSZ type moisture regulators are still the only ones that can be installed subsequently into drying towers of any type and make after some minor fitting operation.

The modular structure made it possible for us to export moisture regulators for drying towers (along with the types regularly used in Hungary) in large quantities to the neighbouring countries in the 1980s. In the former Czechslovakia we installed instruments not only into B1-15 towers but also into Czechoslovak made LSO driers. In the former Yugoslavia we installed many instruments on VSZ and POBEDA type towers produced there. Our instruments were also available in East Germany, Russia and Bulgaria.

The international recognition of the regulating instrument was reflected also by the fact that in 1980 in Brno, and in 1981 in Plovdiv it won golden medal on the international fairs.

After the change of the political regime we had the possibility to access the newest technical advancements, which enabled us to organise development in conformity to the requirements of the next century. That's how we started producing the microprocessor controlled moisture regulator of type MP-01 in 1998. This regulator sums up over thirty years of experience in moisture regulation. A version of this new regulator installed into a RIELA type dryer has passed the examination at the DLG Signum Test and was awarded with silver medal on the Agricultural Fair in Hannover.

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