DNSZ MP-03 moisture regulator

1.The regulator processes the values taken by the sensors- installed on the drying tower- with the help of industrial computer operating in the central unit. Accordingly, the devise is composed of two distinct parts:

  • the Central Unit containing also the operating organs
  • and the Sensor Circuit supplying measured data and composed of several independent sensors


2.On the instruction of the central unit the sensors transfer through the connecting cable the measured data to the unit which processes the data and then, depending on the processed results instructs the executive unit to intervene into the drying process or it leaves the process unaltered.

3. The Sensing Circuit (Figure 2)

1. H1 - sensors measuring the temperature of the inlet heating medium 1 unit
2. H2 - sensors measuring the temperature of the grain on the drainage side 2 units
3. H3-H4-H5 - temperature sensors of moisture sensors 3 units
4. H6 - external air temperature sensors 1 unit
5. N1 - moisture meter used for incoming grain (optional) 1 unit
6. N2 - moisture meter of the drying zone 6-8 units*
7. N3 - moisture meter for the leaving grain 6-8 units*
8. P1- instrument taking the moisture content of external air 1 unit

*(depending on the type of tower)

4.The sensors have their own independent distant transmitters so the measured data are formatted on the site of measuring, an arrangement reducing the sensitivity to disturbance of the system.

5.The sensors are linked to the central unit in a single cable system(Figure 2). The intervening unit is also linked by a single cable system to the control box of the dryer.

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